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S4 Home Button Loose? See my thread here: They are both the same. You asked me that question and I explained that they are all the same no matter who the carrier is. Hello, My motions and gestures don’t seem to be responding. It is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3. But just recently I can no longer attach pictures the little circle just keeps spinning and the picture never goes.

Love my iPad where it automatically corrects it for you. It is harder to get the instructions than it is to learn to use the phone by trial and error.

A lot of money paid out for not giving your customers a guide on how to use it. You really must be kidding me for sure because dowhload you have to do is scroll to the very top where you see my green INFO box where it has the link to the Samsung website and the guide.

Also I manula this to my computer and was able to print whatever I wanted. All times are GMT I imported video from my phone to my pc. Just printed the whole thing Enjoy and please leave us a comment on how it helped you.

How do I transfer a photo from my PC to donload S4? I cannot help you any further that I already have. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Below is a samsung galaxy s4 manual user guide and manual instructions for you. It is on the applications screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide and Instructions

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I need step by step written instructions on how to use maps as a gps to find my way around a new city. Just select the button on your home page, then it is the first one on that page. Can anyone help me?

The international version features an Exynos 5 Octa octa-core chip containing the first big. In this document are explained in detail on the Galaxy S4 for users who still do not understand about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 FULL User Manual (PDF) Download

This is also my problem I want to change my ringing tones but how? I want to scream! Originally Posted by ibcop.

Thanks so much Randy…you were a great help! How do you select a homepage for your internet on a Samsung s4 mini. Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing and availability. There is waaaay too much on the s4.

Thank you for asking and that guide is also galazy for all Carriers. You said you looked at all of them, so I wanted to link to what you looked at.

Samsung Galaxy S4 FULL User Manual (PDF) Download – Android Forums at testkey

LCABjenglishkaz and 39 others like this. This has been very helpful in learning my new phone. The time now is Did you read my manuao above. Anyone know how to fix this? How do I stop my text messages and phone calls from showing up on my computer email account?

Specifically, I was asking why it was not possible to change the ‘primary shortcuts’ tray gakaxy on the S4 even though the manual says this is possible. Here’s a manual from the U.

Only one cluster is active at any time, with the faster cluster selected on-demand to save power. The big question mark in the apps with the word help underneath it. How come there is no choice to add songs or new sounds to the Notification sound?

Originally Posted by sunkencathedral. I an having trouble transferring my pictures to my computer from my galaxy s4, help an old man out. Or just the suggestions for spelling?