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Hardware Records This method is useful when you xownload large systems with many peripherals. This section describes in detail how to install disk drives in the system. Follow the same procedure to auto-configure other hard disks.

ATM Owners Manuals

PnP, you can manually assign the interrupt for each device. When you are satisfied that all the values are correct, write them down. Pull the SIMM out of the socket. Use another Hardware Log to record support information on all the miscellaneous devices such as terminals, distributed terminal controllers, small printers, and PCs.

Refer to Chapter 5 for doownload on configuring the memory correctly.

NCR SelfServ 34 TM ATM Operator Overview – TranAct – PDF Drive

Page 2 NCR, therefore, reserves the right manuall change specifications without prior notice. Connector Functions The table below ncr atm operator manual pdf download the different connectors on the system board and their respective functions.

System Identification System Identification The following numbers may be requested by a support associate if you have to contact NCR support services.

Press the holding clips on both sides of the SIMM outward to release it. Insert the drive into the third drive bay.

These features can also control the diskette drive or hard disk drive boot function. Set the terminator switches on the backplane according to your planned SCSI channel configuration. E Customer Support Agreement E-5 Placing a Software Support Call The complete procedure is described there. The backplane subsystem has the following major features: Page 54 Installing Drives Figure We recommend that you copy the hard disk values and keep them in a safe place in case you have to reconfigure the disk in the future.

Power on the system. If you receive this type of message, consult your application or operating system manual for help. The primary purpose of preventive maintenance is to keep unscheduled interruptions to a minimum. There is no need to run Setup when starting the computer unless you get a configuration error.

D Hot Plug Backplane Software Error Messages These messages typically occur after you boot the operating system or when you run your application programs. Using the System Utilities You ncr atm operator manual pdf download manually assign specific regions to non-PnP boards so that the system will not use those regions when it automatically configures PnP boards.

Turn on power to the system. Secure the drive guides on the sides of the peripheral drive as shown in the figure ncr atm operator manual pdf download.

It gives an overview on how to opfrator your computer with this utility. Sample Standard Configuration 7. Read the ESD precautions section earlier in this chapter before proceeding.

Following a well-planned preventive maintenance program can help you maintain a high level of system performance at manhal minimum cost. Set the parameters as follows: The figure below shows page 1 of the Basic System Configuration menu.

Identifying System Features The system has the following minimum features: Installation and Documentation Overview Got it, continue to print. Indicator Notched Corner 2.

Ncr User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

Carefully slip a SIMM at a 45 angle into a socket. To print the information, select Print by pressing F7. Types of Sample Configurations Types of Sample Configurations Two sample configurations are discussed in this appendix: Date And Time As long as the internal battery remains good approximately seven years and connected, the clock continues to keep the date and time accurately even when the power is off.