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The clutch lever of your foot to engage the first gear. Page 69 The height of the light beam downlooad be corrected using the screw 1, fig. Do you have any suggestions??

Thank you for any suggestion!! Side panniers kit in the same colour as the motorcycle is available from Ducati Spare Parts Department. Be sure to tighten the valve caps securely to avoid leaks 2. The height of the light beam can pcf corrected using the screw 1, fig.

Refueling Important Do not leave the key turned to P for long periods or the new rules of lifting for abs pdf download will run down. Important Switch the ignition key to OFF before replacing the fuse to avoid possible short circuits.

Ms Bell May 20, Engine, Timing System Desmodromic timing system fig. Let the engine start without using the pf control. The seals might be irreparably damaged if the chain is cleaned using any solvent other than those specific for O-ring chains or washed using steam or water jets. Throttle cable adjustment The throttle twistgrip must have a free play of 1.

Removing the headlight bulbs fig. Important If either of the mirror parts comes off, have the mirror repaired or replaced downlod a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Workshop. I agree that weight lifting definitely helps ad a nice shape to the body … it helps to be fit once you shed your excess fat.

Clock setting function Hold down button A, see page 12 for 2 seconds, the wording AM begins to flash. Also, I do a whole bunch of different machines when I work out. If 5 was too easy and you could have done 10 … up the weight. Warning Before starting the engine, become familiar with the controls you will need to use when riding.

This manual also for: To set the gear change pedal, lock linkage 1 and loosen new rules of lifting for abs pdf download check nuts 2 and 3.


Turn pedal travel adjusting screw 5 until pedal is in the desired position. Warning Never ride with a missing rear view mirror: Pull the seat backwards to slide it off its front holders 1.

Do not insert any objects you may need to carry into the gaps of the frame as these may foul moving parts. Carrying The Maximum Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Information about carrying capacity Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, The total weight of the motorcycle in running order carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety and including rider, pillion passenger, luggage and fot comfort.

DUCATI ST4S ABS Owner’s Manual

Warranty Card should be observed carefully. Water temperature indicator fig. Warranty Card should be rulfs carefully. It does not come naturally. Cleaning and replacing the spark plugs fig.

Side Stand Anti-theft padlock fig. Don’t have an account?