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Minimum energy efficiency standard The government’s proposed cap on landlords’ financial contribution is flawed, according to sustainability expert. NHBC will consider alternative methods to meet specific requirements, subject to prior consultation and evaluation. NHBC also wishes to acknowledge the help given by consultants, authoritative organisations, individuals and staff.

Note, The edition is only applicable to NHBC registered homes with foundations that were started on, or after the 1 Januarybut before 1 January The NHBC publish standards on nhbc technical standards pdf download technical requirements performance and guidance for the nhbc technical standards pdf download and construction of homes which is deemed acceptable by NHBC projects.

Such matters are covered by statutory requirements.

Nhbc technical standards pdf download Register Sign in. Workmanship requirement All work shall be carried out in a proper, neat and workmanlike manner. Occasionally, there may be disagreements on stamdards Technical Requirements and Performance Standards are to be interpreted.

The Parts follow the usual construction process; from design through to construction on site. The structure of the home shall, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing with NHBC, have a life of at least 60 years.

Here is an overview of the main changes, please take time to familiarise yourself with the updated technical content. If you’d prefer to buy a hard copy, please visit our shop. In other situations, tolerances will be those currently acceptable in the industry.

NHBC Standards

What’s new in Standards ? Structural design requirement Structural design shall be carried out nhbc technical standards pdf download suitably qualified persons in accordance with British Standards and Codes of Technixal. Management of time in major projects Management of time is critical for big project success, reveals the CIOB in new good practice guide. Most of the Chapters consist of detailed Performance Standards in black, for each Design, Materials or Sitework section.

NHBC technical standards – Designing Buildings Wiki

By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of nhbc technical standards pdf download. Standard requirements Work shall comply with all relevant Building Regulations and other statutory requirements relating to the completed construction work.

Management of time in major projects. To avoid repetition, some cross-referencing is made to other Chapters, where necessary. Diagrams may contain text in red.

Watch our interview with Sir Vince Cable here. The Standards are divided into 10 Parts, each covering a particular aspect.

NHBC technical standards 2014

Reference should be made to Chapter 2. Lift provision to new non-residential buildings The guidance in the edition of Part M states that a lift is the most suitable form of access for people moving from one storey technjcal another in buildings other than dwellings. Curtain walling has been included in the NHBC standards since All measurements shall be within acceptable tolerances. Standards Plus is a fully interactive digital version of the NHBC Standards that includes a range of supplementary technical dkwnload and interactive elements.

Featured articles and news Technjcal Bridge Former Mayor Boris Johnson could be investigated for misconduct over public funds allocated to scrapped project.

Use quick-launch Standards Plus to browse srandards use the table below to select the part of the house-building process you’re interested in. Compliance with the above acceptance criteria for critical functions or strictly in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations for the specific use. Part N of the Building Regulations seeks to ensure that where people are likely to come into contact with glass tecunical is unlikely to cause injury or the glazing will nhbc technical standards pdf download impact or be shielded or protected from impact.

Glazing, guarding and restrictors in dwellings Part N of nhbc technical standards pdf download Building Regulations seeks to ensure that where people are likely to come into contact with glass it is unlikely to cause injury or the glazing will resist impact or be shielded or protected from impact. Matters affecting durability nhbc technical standards pdf download serviceability also need to be considered.

Minimum energy efficiency standard. For more information or technical support, you can give us a call or send us an email. Tests acceptable in the UK must be used when applicable.