Repeat Label Printer Output A duplicate of the previous label will be printed. This command will have no effect if the power to the printer was cycled off and back on since printing the previous label. Label Tear-off To adjust the location of the first print line on the label. Specify the exact same parameters for the image to be replaced as were specified in the original data stream, including rotation, expansion, pitch, etc. If your barcode printer or printer language is not listed here, please call The family driver names, as they appear in the Model field in Loftware Label Manager , are listed in the Printer Language columns.

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This will ensure that the new data will exactly replace the old image. When Auto-Calibrate is enabled, the printer will automatically attempt to sato cx208 when it detects an out-of-paper condition 10″ Set Print Mode To optimize the print head heat management algorithms. Command Function To print a bar code with a ratio other than those specified through the standard bar code commands B,BD, sato cx208 D.

The value specified for Print Quantity should be equal to the number of different sequential values desired multiplied by the number of repeats specified. Command Function To reverse an sato cx208 area from black to white and vice versa.


Theres is no printer output as a result of this command. Command Function To allow for the creation, storage, and printing of custom characters, sato cx208 as special fonts or logos. There is no printer output as a result of this sato cx208. The material in this document is provided for general information and is subject to change without notice.

AC adapter from the wall outlet if you do not plan to use the printer for a long time Maintenance and Cleaning For sato cx208 during maintenance and cleaning, please ensure the battery pack and the AC adapter are removed from the printer. Specify the exact same parameters for the image to be replaced as were specified in the original data stream, including rotation, expansion, pitch, etc. Sato CX Service Manual 39 pages. Command Function The Horizontal and Vertical commands specify the top left corner of a field or label, using the current base reference point as an origin.

A diagonal line with a circle indicates something you should not do. Print Quantity Print Quantity value should be equal to the total number sato cx208 labels to be printed. Sato cx208 13 If the calibration is successful, the printer shall move paper to the next index mark and resume normal operations.

If you specify several H sato cx208 after this command, the print position will be determined by the H value last sato cx208. Table of Contents Add to sato cx208 manuals Add. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Selects the section of Expanded Memory to be used for following commands.

The character pitch is actually the product of the current horizontal expansion multiple sato cx208 the designated pitch value. Use the Store command to send the graphic data to the printer, which is held in the optional Expanded Memory, even if printer power is lost. Media Sato cx208 To set the size of the media.

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Command Function Use the Recall command any time you want to print a graphic image on sato cx208 label along with other printed data.

Characters may be enlarged through the use of the Character Expansion command. Command Function Sato cx208 establish a new base sato cx208 point for the current label. Calibrate Sensor To adjust the label sensor for unique media and ribbon combinations. A reverse image area is affected by the rotate commands. The characters are stored in volatile memory and must be reloaded if the printer power is lost. The current print job in the buffer will be terminated and all other print jobs in the buffer cleared.

Supported Labeling Printers

Printer Output Sato cx208 is not output for these commands they are not accompanied by other label printing commands. The family driver names, as they appear cx2208 the Model field in Loftware Label Managerare listed in the Printer Language columns. It is recommended that all lines and boxes be specified in the normal print direction. Using a dot-addressable sato cx208, design the graphic image in 8 dot by 8 dot blocks, then send it in a binary format to the printer.

If your printer or sato cx208 language is not listed satto, please call If your barcode printer or printer language is not listed here, please sato cx208 saro Input to Printer Printer Output There is no printer output as a result of this command.

Sequencing is effective for up to digit numeric data within each field.

Matrix of all Barcode Printers that Loftware supports. Page 85 PDF Minimum module dimension dots. This command requires the Expanded Memory sato cx208.

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No part of this document may be reproduced or issued to third parties sato cx208 any form whatsoever without the express permission of SATO America, Inc. This command will also affect the following commands: Command Function To replace sato cx208 specified area of the previous label with new data.

Command Function To recall the sato cx208 image from the form overlay memory for printing. The current print mode can be verified by printing a test label.

Page 9 As can be seen, your label will be oriented in the middle of the print head as viewed safo the front of the sato cx208. If 12 digits of data are sent, sato cx208 printer asumes an EAN symbol and automatically generates the check digit.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. What You Get 1. When sato cx208 within a print job, the printer goes off-line after finishing the print job.

Controlling The Vx208 Using Direct Commands You can also produce labels by sending commands directly to the printer. These are eight of the built-in fonts available on the printer.

You also establish a base reference point of H2,V2. Sequential Numbering Command Sato cx208 To allow the ability to print sequential fields text, bar codes where all incrementing is done within the printer.