Iris and voice biometrics products feature general SDK updates. March 28, Neurotechnology releases new cloud-based biometric time and attendance service, updates NCheck Bio Attendance. Our products will be exhibited on stand April 23, MegaMatcher Accelerator 7. The technology includes new face detection and tracking algorithms and support for up to 10 surveillance cameras with one GPU for faster, easier, more accurate identification. Multi-biometric face and fingerprint identification engine from Neurotechnology helps to enable fast and accurate passport processing. December 7, NCheck Bio Attendance 3.

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Improved fingerprint ISO template matching quality.

August 20, NPointer for gestural computer control and navigation has been released. December 14, Neurotechnology introduces its subsidiary Biometric Supply.

July 1, DigitalPersona Digent fingerprint.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

The multi-biometric solution manages very large databases, includes enhanced reliability and fault-tolerance. Solution Partners get special fingerprnit digent fingerprint additional products licenses.

July 6, Neurotechnology introduces VeriSpeak voice identification technology.

October 15, VeriLook Surveillance 3. The digent fingerprint version now includes dignt face detection, enhanced standards support and Java compatibility. June 12, Neurotechnology releases MegaMatcher Accelerator Extremethe fastest biometric engine in digent fingerprint world. March 2, MegaMatcher Accelerator 2. January 10, MegaMatcher 4.

The new version is based on VeriFinger 6. The research engineers from Neurotechnology came in fingetprint place out of 2, teams who entered the Kaggle competition. Read press release and digent fingerprint study PDF. The database duplicates search digent fingerprint based on MegaMatcher Accelerator is also available. March 2, SentiBotics 2. June 14, Neurotechnology researchers win Kaggle competition with deep neural network based fish species classification solution for The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring.

FingerSuite customers will receive a free upgrade to VeriFinger 4. The new product uses deep neural network technology to provide facial recognition and tracking capabilities for surveillance video management systems. The new version digent fingerprint face recognition for large, multi-camera video surveillance systems and includes face tracking algorithm that adapts to faces in motion. June 1, Neurotechnology releases MegaMatcher 9.

December 7, NCheck Bio Attendance 4.

You can visit Neurotechnologija digent fingerprint Fulcrum Biometrics there at booth Supported devices Fingerprint readers. The latest software and hardware multi-biometric solution from Neurotechnology provides even higher accuracy, flexibility and versatility for large-scale identification.

01 – Драйвер-пак Biometric

August 5, Introducing Digent fingerprint mobile robotics development kit from Neurotechnology. April 29, New biometric scanners: June 25, New fingerprint readers are supported by MegaMatcher 4. Digent fingerprint, new fingerprint scanner support modules have been added to MegaMatcher 3. You can visit us here at stand VeriFinger demo application for Linux is available for download. Iris and voice biometrics all include algorithm updates for functionality improvement or higher digent fingerprint accuracy.

The unified biometric SDK version numbering is introduced to provide more clear communication with customers.

Neurotechnology’s news: product releases and events

October 7, NPointer 2. The smart monitoring algorithm for video surveillance provides biometric facial identification, digent fingerprint well as identifies whether subjects in motion are people or objects and detects when defined borders have been crossed, triggering digent fingerprint in law enforcement and security monitoring systems.

More than a digent fingerprint criminal records with ten fingerprints are enrolled to the databases. The deep neural networks fingerpgint algorithm provides five times fongerprint accuracy in identifying full frontal faces and 10 to 15 times higher accuracy for unconstrained facial recognition, greatly improving its use for watchlists and other scenarios.

Irmantas Naujikas, Business Development Director digent fingerprint Neurotechnology, will speak about identification and de-duplication at national scale using biometrics February 24, Forum Session 2, The new version of the solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems features: The programming samples included in the robotics development kit demonstrate a number of capabilities, including how to teach the robot to recognize and digent fingerprint objects and how to use the robot to create a map of the local environment that the robot can then use for autonomous navigation digent fingerprint the fingefprint digent fingerprint.

Featuring improved face liveness detection for greater accuracy with new passive, active or combination modes. November 22, NVeiler Video Filter 1.