We have had thousands of very satisfied customers. Allows you to connect your Commodore 64, Commodore or Vic to older style color or monochrome monitors having video and audio RCA style input jacks. Online tips and secrets for successfully loading programs on the Commodore 64 and Commodore serial cable included. Please specify one of the preceeding part numbers if you have a preference. Ages 10 and above. Requires or disk drive.

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View connecting diagram for Commodore 64 Click here to see a connecting diagram for how to connect star sp2000 printer Commodore 64 computer. We recommend closely watching your computer during the first 35 to 45 minutes after switching power supplies.


SuperSmash CommodoreClowns Commodore. Star sp2000 printer 12″ size but some smaller monitors may be star sp2000 printer. Er zijn geen producten in de winkelwagen. Select used Commodore single miscellaneous disks Click here to view a list of used miscellaneous Commodore program disk singles and miscellaneous Commodore 64 and items.

Sears, Amdek, Panasonic monitor cable. Commodore 64c user’s guide User guide star sp2000 printer the 64c newer style Commodore Click here for more information.

Used plastic disk case in good condition with flip up top holds approximately 50 5. We recommend considering an extra board at the low prices available below. Used Print Shop Broderbund.

I still use this program myself because I have never found star sp2000 printer program which is so useful in helping me analyze important decisions that wasn’t extremely complex. No manual included at this price. Cookies uitschakelen Accepteer cookies. Includes manuals star sp2000 printer may be missing box. Nice Commodore Power Player joysticks with microswitches.

Performance tested Commodore floppy disk drive with JiffyDos! Random selection of 10 back issues of various used old Commodore magazines. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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Excellent assortment of programs. Commodore user’s guide. Has Commodore interface and cable built in.

Multifunction cartridge for capturing programs in memory to eliminate copy protection. Magnavox to RGB shar cable. This cable star sp2000 printer be used for connecting some RGB monitors to the Commodore or for an IBM compatible AT comm port cable or possibly as a joystick extension cable for Commodore computers.

3″ x 95′ (76mm x 29m) 2-Ply Carbonless Paper (50 rolls/case) – White / Canary

star sp2000 printer Allows you to connect your Commodore 64, Commodore or Vic to older style color or monochrome monitors having video and audio RCA style input jacks. No demo tape included. Collector’s item but not a real practical printer. Excellent new cartridge for learning Morse Code on the Commodore star sp2000 printer Appears to be in good condition.

Easily create your own art and star sp2000 printer for the Commodore 64 with this amazing cartridge. Defective 64c motherboards same smaller size as above. May be used star sp2000 printer new. If you want to purchase a Commodore 64 from us without the power prunter please make sure that you have a power supply which hasn’t damaged your previous Commodore The software then crunches the numbers to help you determine your best options.

Used compatible floppy drive by BlueChip. Surplus replacement star sp2000 printer mechanism for the Commodore How do I identify my Star sp2000 printer System? This unit works good but the latches that hold the keyboard on are broken so it may be difficult to transport this unit. New retail box for Commodore!

Male 9 pin “D” to Female 9 pin “D” cable. Used Commodore user manual.

Used Commodore cassette data recorders. Other used Commodore compatible printers requiring a parallel interface are listed here.