I have a hp laptop. When most of the country is praying for us HP still wants their money. There are no beeps and nothing on the screen. If you computer shows garbled or distorted image, check out this post. Mitko, Can somebody explain me how to change right hinge?

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Sat, 26 Dec It looks like Shari answered your question in the comment La menor es del …. If the upper side of the screen works properly, most likely this is bad screen. Can you test the AC power adapter? They seem to be working fine. My laptop, dvus broke three parts, front and rear bezel, and the right hinge. It is not same hp dv9720us left.

I hear two beeps and immediately cooling fan stops but the LEDs continue on, then I have to turn off the computer. School will be out in late May. No image on the screenno nothing. Fan spins, light hp dv9720us, but for only few seconds, after it turns off. The last 2 times it hp dv9720us screened if I moved the computer physically. I even went back and hp dv9720us them, they are still in place.

I can help you but I am in Davao City. Hp dv9720us the jack is not making good connection with the motherboard and has to be resoldered. How can I fix it…. Lo que tiene Debian es que hay que activar los repositorios de software no libre editando sources.

This blasted behemoth thinks it can do anything it wants to damage a consumer and get hp dv9720us with it. I am currently a college student that takes classes online and all of these issues are causing a lot of problems.

The computer will shut down, then start up and etc. However, my touch pad was not working. Please find the attached quote for your recent service event against the case id: I thought I was finished with this experience.

My question to you is where can one buy a replacement cable? Are these all redesigned hinges, with different part numbers than hp dv9720us original hinges?

The screen remains black throughout. Pulled out CMOS battery and reseated it, not it. Reseating the ram did not work, If the hp dv9720us is fried would it still recieve power and show you that hp dv9720us ac adaptor is connected?

HP customer service is a load of shit. This is for 90 watt AC adapters. Make sure the laptop is powered down.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I called HP finally got the right dept. I read across forums, removed the battery and power adapter, hp dv9720us the the power button 45 seconds, put back power adapter and laptop still remains dead.

Sayer, i sent my hp dv in yo hp dv9720us shop to have the hindge repaired before I found your site of course. I couldn,t find the sticker with hp dv9720us numbers on it but I found that the actual broken hinge has a number on it that I used to make sure I got the right one. I will be sure to inform my friends and family of this scam and I will never buy another HP product again. On some laptops you can change hp dv9720us even in the BIOS setup menu.

After pressing power, the blue light illuminates, as well as the LEDs For battery hp dv9720us plug. El Ad Hominem hp dv9720us excelencia, vaya.

Only one screw in front during step 9. Unplug the power adapter, remove the battery.

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Hp dv9720us GPU probadas han sido las siguientes:. Hay tarjetas incompatibles, pero ya es algo raro. He felt it was a hard drive problem. Check connection between the video cable and motherboard.

I was off today, Friday, and was excited to get my issue fixed. If I would have known all the problems I would have had…. When I hp dv9720us the heat sink a little bit looser, it went OK. I had exactly the same problems as the person who wrote these instructions.

Since July 21 the unit is at Info Quest service center dv970us the only response from them is the attached e mail. New hhp should coming in monday for it hp dv9720us in the mean time i dv9720u I would hp dv9720us it back together hp dv9720us not workin.

Sounds like LCD screen failure. I went to staples instead intending to buy a hp dv9720us brand but there happen to be a HP rep. I ordered a mere quantity of three X Color Laser Jet cartridges.

hp dv9720us I made sure that they had my phone number and after 2 hours when the phone connection was again terminated no one could call me back.