Chapter 9 Options and Consumable Products Options The following options are available for use with your printer. The printer driver does not enlarge the image data. Borderless Printing Borderless Printing You can print your data without margins on paper. When attaching roll paper with a 3-inch core, slide the gray attachments to the black and white ones, matching the four arrows. Maintenance Mode, Maintenance Mode Setting Procedure Maintenance Mode Maintenance mode setting procedure This section describes how to enter Maintenance mode and how to make settings with the buttons on the control panel.

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All functions in one application Soft proofs and hardcopy proofs matched to the same standards, e. Premium Glossy Photo Paper Checking The Print Head Nozzles Checking the print epson 4880c nozzles To find out if nozzles are delivering ink properly, you can print a nozzle check pattern.

If you use non-Epson special media, enter the paper thickness in the range of 0. Raise the roll epson 4880c support. Select NO press the Page The paper size and printer margin you can set is as follow. Epson 4880c 9 Options and Consumable Products Options The following options are available for use with your printer. After resetting, it takes a while 4880cc the printer is in the ready state.

Roll Paper Banner can be used for an application that supports banner printing. Move the paper lever to the released position. Supported media type The following media sizes are supported for borderless printing. After epson 4880c all the sheets together, cut the margins along epson 4880c outer guide. Check other settings, and then epzon printing. For information on the loaded capacity of Epson epson 4880c media, see the following table.

Make sure the paper guide roller is placed on the edge of the paper.

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To epson 4880c the setting, select the file you want to import and then click Open. See the procedures below to join the four printed pages together using the alignment epson 4880c. If you select other than None for Border, the frames around the pages are printed on each sheet. Checking the printer status When you send a print job to the printer, you can monitor the printer status in the following windows. Put the paper guide roller down.

Epson 4880c the paper size that is loaded in the printer.

In the Poster Settings dialog box, select the number of printed pages you want the poster to cover. Page Cutting the epson 4880c paper automatically To cut the roll paper automatically after printing, follow the steps below. For Mac OS X 1.

Epson Stylus Pro 4880 User Manual

Page Now, the printer is ready to print. Slide the black movable flange off the end epson 4880c the spindle. Customize the Items of the Printer Driver You can save the settings 4880c change epson 4880c display items as you prefer. Do not shake cartridges that have been installed previously with too much force.

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If you select Auto Expand, set the amount of enlargement. For more detailed information, see the online help of the printer driver.

Dust epson 4880c affect the print quality.

PhotoEnhance epson 4880c not affect your original data. Canceling printing by the printer Press and hold the Pause printer.

epson 4880c It indicates the progress of the current print job epson 4880c provides printer status information such as ink remaining and product number of the ink cartridges. Moving the slider towards Min decreases the amount of the image enlargement; You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make sure the sheets lie flat on the bottom of the tray.

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When the same data is printed with a 3 mm margin and a 15 mm margin and compared, you may notice that part of the right side of the 15 mm margin image is not printed. Internet, access the 4880d at: Hold both the fixed and movable flanges, and rewind the paper to epson 4880c line marked with epson 4880c arrow mark. Then go to step 6. Technical Support Web Site Epson 4880c, access the site at: Also be sure to follow all warnings and instructions marked on the printer.

Supported Media Type Supported epson 4880c type The following media sizes are supported for borderless printing. Page Exporting or importing all settings You can export or import the all of the printer driver settings as a file.

Page Nozzle check pattern examples: