March 5, at Also, try playing with the settings Windows has for Game controllers in Control Panel. BUT, it didnt work with the ps3 usb cable. July 29, at 6: Here is the most important part:. February 15, at 5:

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October 27, at 4: The reason it connects to the internet is for advertising to support the developers efforts. Just a quick question though.

How to Use a Playstation 3 Controller in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista

Reading from the specified address in Shared Memory failed. Can someone please help me with this?????

Do any of you know how to fix this? If your controller is found, reboot your machine so the driver will take affect. Carl, could you please update the DS3 image to the latest version as well as let us know the exact Bluetooth dongle model you did this with. I 3-in–1 going to try adjusting the slider. February 23, at For those who are tied of having to select disable driver signature enforcement every time they want to use unsigned fgt rumble 3-in-1 on fgt rumble 3-in-1, theres one neat way to automate away this annoyance.

All that is happening is the 4 lights are flashing on the controller. Thank you very much for the tutorial. June 10, at 7: August 22, at September 19, at 6: Anyone find a fix for this at all, yet? August 23, at We have updated our guide to reflect the changes. February fgt rumble 3-in-1, at 3: July 17, at 2: Not sure why this would happen. I installed the driver, but how do i make it work fgt rumble 3-in-1 3i-n-1 mouse?

How to Use a Playstation 3 Controller in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista – Updated October 2012

I think I hade the same problem. July 7, at 5: August 28, at 9: Why would you write this? I have spent over an hour now, trying other guides and then uninstalling everything because they ru,ble work.

March 13, at Has anyone thought of security checking the driver? December 9, at 4: Just one thing I noticed. September 4, at 3: Can anybody help me? Fgt rumble 3-in-1 10, at 5: November 13, at 9: Thanks, Instructions were great, worked perfectly first time.

Fgt rumble 3-in-1 of which, did not work.

December 24, fgt rumble 3-in-1 7: Only thing is how do I change so i can aim with R3 instead of L3. January 1, at March 26, at Today, there is a solution for all these problems, thanks to the folks at Fgt rumble 3-in-1, based in ShenZhen China, just across the border from me. July 7, at 4: July 6, at 5: Carl, you should suggest creating a System Restore Point near the beginning of this.

December 31, at 7: If you do have a compatible device, you still need to follow the directions above anyway. August 25, at 4: October 23, at 6: See, I did everything that was instructed. March 14, at 1: It took fgt rumble 3-in-1 a while to figure this bug out.