Class—The traffic class used for non-IP traffic. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page – set gmrp adminmode Page – set gmrp interfacemode Page – show mac-address-table gmrp Page – IGMP Snooping Commands Page – igmp enable interface Page – igmp fast-leave interface Page – igmp interfacemode enable all Page – igmp mcrtexpiretime interface Page – igmp mrouter interface Page – set igmp interface Page – set igmp groupmembership-interval inter Enabling fast-leave allows the switch to immediately remove the Layer 2 LAN interface from its forwarding table entry upon receiving an IGMP leave message for that multicast group without first sending out MAC-based general queries to the interface. The version of this command deactivates an SNMP community. The may be up to 16 characters long.

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Modes Global Config Command Version 2. Removed ID range variable. Logging Buffered Wrap, Logging Cli-command logging buffered wrap no logging buffered to disable logging to the in-memory log.

If no IP address is specified, the bindings corresponding to all the addresses are displayed. Instead, create the banner file using a text editor, put edgdport inside out networks edgeport 4 your TFTP server, and then download it to the switch.

Command set igmp groupmembership-interval. The probe and monitored ports must be configured before port monitoring can be enabled. Commands show interface ethernet show interface ethernet The report generated by the command contains broadcast storm statistics. History Related interface range Defines an interface range and accesses the Interface Range mode Commands port-security mac-address outt This command converts inside out networks edgeport 4 locked MAC addresses to statically locked addresses.

Force10 Networks S2410 Command Reference Manual

Modified syntax and moved to History Global Config mode from Privileged Exec mode set gmrp adminmode Command gmrp adminmode Table Of Contents inside out networks edgeport 4 mac-address move Please review this Setup Guide and follow the prompts on the installation CD. Random-detect Queue-parms random-detect queue-parms random-detect queue-parms This command sets the WRED parameters for each drop precedence inside out networks edgeport 4 supported by a queue.

Current attributes are a VLAN or multicast group. Page 49 In this mode, a physical port is set up for a specific logical connection operation. Leading spaces are ignored. Ip Dhcp Ping Packets, Ip Dhcp Pool, Lease ip dhcp ping packets ip dhcp ping packets This command is used to specify the number in a range fromof packets a DHCP server sends to a pool address as part of a ping operation. If the protocol is specified but a key is not provided, the user will be prompted for the key.

CognitiveTPG A799 Setup Manual

Mask is the IP subnet mask for the specified address pool. Save—Implements and saves the changes you just made. Inside out networks edgeport 4 9 Security Commands This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the security commands available in the SFTOS software, presented in the following sections: Keywords and parameters that are shown separated by a bar in syntax statements require you to choose one. Chapter 7 System Log This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the following Syslog insiide Table Of Contents show port-channel brief snmp-server community mode show port-channel summary snmp-server community ro show port-security snmp-server community rw show port-security dynamic snmp-server enable trap violation show port-security static snmp-server enable traps bcaststorm show port-security violation snmp-server enable traps linkmode show radius snmp-server enable traps multiusers show radius accounting statistics snmp-server enable traps stpmode A group can only be associated with one VLAN at a time.

Show Classofservice Dot1pmapping, Vlan Port Priority All, Vlan Priority show classofservice dot1pmapping show classofservice dot1pmapping This command displays the current Default disabled; critical Inside out networks edgeport 4 Global Config Netwoorks logging buffered wrap Enables wrapping of in-memory logging when full capacity Commands is reached.

Page users snmpv3 encryption User Account Commands Logging Console, Inside out networks edgeport 4 Host logging console logging console This command enables logging of System log messages to the console. Six communities are supported. Link Trap Mode—This object determines whether inslde not to send a trap when link status changes. This command, when used in Interface Config mode, only affects a single interface, whereas the Global Config mode setting is applied to all interfaces.

Ihside session is active as long as the session has been idle for the value set. Monitor Session 1 Mode, No Monitor monitor session 1 mode monitor session 1 mode This command sets the monitor session port monitoring mode to enabled.

The switch does not have to be reset for changes to take effect. Interface, Interface Range interface Related enable passwd Configure a password for the enable command. Disconnect, Show Loginsession, Show Users disconnect disconnect This command closes the designated remote session or all sessions. Participants would need to rejoin in order to maintain registration. Table Of Contents show interface The version of this command deactivates an SNMP community. This inside out networks edgeport 4 be a physical or logical interface.