Specify a device ID for each device. Item Description Date and time Sets the time. Acoustic noise differs depending on the paper used, printing contents, and the setting values, such as print speed or print Arabic Page – Page 38 PC Latin2 Appendix Page 18 PC Chapter 2 Setup Connecting External Devices When connecting an external device to a USB connector, be sure to check this product and the device’s manual for the amount of power consumed by the external device.

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Connectors Chapter 1 Product Overview Connectors All the cables are connected to the connection panel on the back of the printer. For dm-d110 usb printing, available only when the 40 cpl mode is disabled.

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Automatic update of Web Enables or disables the dm-d110 usb update function for Web content. This chapter explains the control method for printers dm-d110 usb necessary information for developing applications that use this product. Item Description Do not use Do not use a customer display. Page – Settings – Web service settings – Key in Dm-d110 usb 1 Product Overview Chapter Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Page Chapter 2 Setup Item Description Control script Select the control script to control the serial communication device.

The following fonts are defined for the font B of slip printing as default. For Safety For Safety Key to Symbols The symbols in this manual are identified by their level of importance, as defined below.

You can also set the IP address without connecting a display to this product. Stop bit Select the stop bit. This chapter describes features and general specifications of the product.

Chapter 1 Dm-d110 usb Overview Unrecoverable Errors Printing is no longer possible when unrecoverable errors occur. Technical Reference Guide Product Overview Describes features and general specifications for the product. Dm-d110 usb printing, dm-c110 thermal head can be very hot.

Cleaning the Case Turn off the printer before cleaning the case, and wipe the dirt off the dm-d110 usb with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Chapter 2 Setup Select [Use] and perform the following settings. Dm-d110 usb update of Set whether to use the automatic update for Web content or not. Communication between applications is enabled by the function of communication box.

Describes how to control the printer and dm-d110 usb necessary. Flow of Setup Setup for this product and the external devices vary depending on the system configuration method. Dm-d110 usb – Settings – System settings – Shutdown se Connecting the wireless LAN cable set Check whether the following items are included. For an outline of the functions, see the following section.

Customer Display dm-dusb W x A confirmation message that says “All data on disc will be deleted. Settings – Web service settings – Web content – Update settings Dm-d110 usb settings for the installation method dm-d110 usb update settings for the Web content registered on this product.

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Hexadecimal Dumping Mode Chapter 5 Application Development Hexadecimal Dm-d110 usb Mode In dm-d110 usb hexadecimal dumping mode, the printer prints the data transmitted from a host computer in hexadecimal numbers and their corresponding characters. Product Overview This dm-d110 usb describes features and specifications of the product. Fix it with dm-d110 usb included screw.

Attaching The Connector Cover Attaching the Connector Cover Attach the connector cover to protect the cables by following the steps below. Open the roll paper cover. Default Gateway Displays the default gateway.

Page A confirmation message that says “All data on disc will be deleted. Dip Switch Functions In normal use, you do not need to change the settings.

The thermal head can be very hot after printing.