A full shutdown is needed. Do you see anyone else trying to help them? We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. I have read in various forums that there are issues with Marvell’s driver at least the older versions so it was recommended to use the generic Microsoft AHCI driver. When I updated the ID changed from to would like to change it back.

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Best driver for the Marvell 6G Controller

Please enter a reason for warning. If no answer is given, you still don’t have any right or reason to complain, this is not a support tech forum for a product you paid. I7 x CPU 4. This would also explain my statement in the mentioned post: Last edited marvell 9128 controller Wired; at Originally Conyroller by Turob Baytar.

Last edited by Undertoker; at I must admit, I actually haven’t tried the other Marvell port. My motherboard has Marvell Sata 3 controller which marvell 9128 controller really bad write performance. I don’t know if I can fix your issue, as it clearly stands on ASRock’s shoulders.

Maybe it helps in analysing. If someone has a magic wand to solve all their problems, so be it.

If I download the latest driver from Gigabyte, it does not include a driver at all for the Marvell When I write a question on forums such as this one, I don’t expect others rushing in to provide an answer; Marvell 9128 controller just wait a few days and move to another if no answer is given, simple as that.

Big thanks to you lordkag again for all your efforts at this! It took you ten days of brewing just to quote my answer and marvell 9128 controller nothing in return, not even a documented case of my rude attitude. To fix both issues, I suggest you flash the image from the package you used for dumping, it was released for an onboard controller.

My MSU utility now reports: I’m thinking about cancelling the order but can’t decide yet. Originally Posted by kingmortz But?? I sooo need your suggestions! Wasn’t really expecting that fast shipping. It did not help. At the website ” http: But isn’t the fact strange that the flashing leaves “old chunks”of the old firmware? Fernando I don’t have enough patience and resources to help users who expect an answer like it is their God given right. And yes it was the best in marvell 9128 controller when it was first released.

TAKe for example gaudi topic they had. Topic marvel Subscribe Marvell 9128 controller view.

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Since there haven’t been any reports and I vaguely remember that someone used this firmware on an external card, let’s hope it is the marvell 9128 controller. If you can enable that in your BIOS, do so and check it out for yourself. Marvell Sata 3. And one marvell 9128 controller thing: But like it was already explained, at the time it came out it was the only option.

Sorry for all the questions but I like to find out as much as poss about bios changes and new hardware.