I have an Acer Aspire Acer wants to charge big money for a phone call because warranty has expired. Pls let me know your thoughts. Hi there, the touchpad on my acer aspire tends to stop working after the system boots up. Every ten or so reboots will work and I am able to access Windows and everything else as normal. Hey, do you happen to know what make and size the cmos chip is may have found somewhere but dont want to pull apart just yet thanx agaun for all your info. I plugged the hard drive into a pc using a cool little adaptor and can see that the drive is ok.

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Hey, I have an acer aspirethe built-in wireless card has stopped working.

You can try starting the laptop with aspore external USB keyboard. The keyboard had an AC adapter but my son did not use that, so the keyboard was drawing all the power from the Acer aspire 5100 dvd bus. Connect the enclosure to any working computer via USB and wait until your hard drive acer aspire 5100 dvd detected and installed.

Try removing one of the memory modules and start the laptop with only one module installed.

Usually you can see this message when the laptop is trying to boot from network. I can find no loose connections and there is no loose junk inside I removed something that looked like a pair of super-sized cat claws made of plastic.

How do I replace my CD/DVD RAM drive? – Acer Aspire – iFixit

My acer starts to boot up but it hits a black screen and it keeps reloading that page. 51000 have wireless N at my home now and I would just love to experience mbps. I have the Radeon xpress. Hi, I am trying to reset the bios, by taking out acer aspire 5100 dvd cmos battery. As;ire searching the internet here in South Africa it appears that this is a relatively common problem. Surrounding that button, but not touching it, is some aspure that seems to be a ground point that should be acer aspire 5100 dvd matching ground points on the body of the laptop like a jumper.

I opened my laptop and found out that there were one small screw that wasn? Please guide at my email id.

Is this a good question? It stops sometimes, but it later goes berserk. I opened the screw that locks dvd-drive in to 2. You can reinstall Windows from the recovery disc.

You should take it part and see. At that time the hard drive is not working. I really doubt that you can fix it at home. Can aepire do it yourself? Make sure the enclosure matches your hard drive. So, acer aspire 5100 dvd laptop keyboard stopped working at all?

Jul 16, Acer Aspire Notebook.

Acer Aspire 5100 CD/DVD Drive not showing

The driver may be corrupted or missing. My problem always started when I left my laptop unattended for some time.

They appear in windows but when i plug some device in one of them stops and say unrecognized device. If the keyboard is not working on startup, apparently there is something wrong with the hardware probably motherboard related. acer aspire 5100 dvd

The only way to find out is installing another working keyboard. Using your very clear instructions I removed the keyboard and reconnected it in case there was acer aspire 5100 dvd bad connection. Again just now i pushed the power button and restarted the machine again and she came up normally.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

The 3rd party warranty we got is no help at all so we are going acer aspire 5100 dvd replace the drive. Also did a succesfull bios upgrade, new CPU, acer aspire 5100 dvd ram, but the problem remains. I would recommend you to take your laptop to a local repair shop, buy a DVD ROM and ask him to replace it in your laptop this way you can avoid any damage to your laptop.

Before you purchase a new hard drive, run memory test.